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Ishan Chathuranga

Smart Textiles Lead (E-Textile Engineer)


Ishan is an E-textile Engineer with over 8 years of experience in Electronic Textile product development, failure analysis, and manufacturing.

With a diverse educational background, Ishan has honed his expertise in the development of various E-textile platforms, including

  • Sensing (ECG, EMG, etc)
  • Haptics.
  • Active and Passive Compression.
  • Conductive pathways.
  • Interconnects.
  • Active Heating.
  • Active Illumination.

As a tech lead for one of the largest E-textile companies in the world, he has demonstrated his ability to lead and solve complex problem statements in the industry. Throughout his career, Ishan has collaborated with startups and global 500 companies to bring innovative E-textile products to market for a wide range of applications.


  • Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering.
  • Master of Business Administration (Project Management), Cardiff Met, UK.
  • Master’s degree specializing in Wearable Technology, University of Calgary, Canada.

During his time at the University of Calgary. He worked on developing a method for measuring knee joint angles with a single IMU sensor that can be embedded in smart apparel to predict ACL injuries. For his research work on Wearable Technology, he also received a few prestigious awards from

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) (We-TRAC).
  • The Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems Canada (Mitacs).
  • The Jenny Vincent award for the best research project in sports science in 2021/2022, University of Calgary.

Toronto, Ontario,

Head of Manufacturing

Kosala Jayasundara, Experienced Electronic Textiles (E-Textile), and wearables product developer at Electronics textiles and wearables.


Kosala is an accomplished Product Development Engineer and Proprietor with over 16 years of extensive industry experience.

  • Wearable Technology.
  • Electronic Textiles (E-textiles).
  • Smart Apparel.
  • Industrial automation.
  • Electronic product development.
  • Control systems.
  • Manufacturing.


  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering.
  • Master of Business Administration (Project Management), Cardiff Met, UK.

Colombo, Western,
Sri Lanka

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